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  • The Environment
  • Education
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  • Lawful Property

Where is your money going?

The taxes collected by the State of Missouri are growing quickly, and it is vital to ensure that Your dollars will be used appropriately, with appropriate oversight. I believe it is the duty of the Legislature to ensure that we are only taking from your wallet the smallest amount necessary to fund government functions. I support tax cuts to offset our rapid tax collection growth, as our citizens deserve to use their own paychecks to fulfill the needs of their families.

Promoting Alternatives

Mark Matthiesen believes that life begins at conception and continues until natural death. He will support legislation that will stop elective abortions in Missouri and provide funding for education, abortion alternatives, and easier access to birth control.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Mark Matthiesen is committed to ensuring that our families have clean running water and unpolluted air. Mark has passed legislation to create a program enabling communities to investigate potential toxic contamination concerns. Mark Matthiesen will work to ensure that program is consistently funded and utilized properly.

Putting our Children First

Mark Matthiesen is experienced working with Education Policy while serving on the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee in the Missouri House.
Mark is a graduate of Washington High school and is the son of two retired Missouri public school teachers. He understands the importance of a properly funded public education system and many struggles that our teachers face. Mark Matthiesen is committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed by enabling parents to utilize every educational option that is available. Mark will also enable parents to have better access to transparent school curriculum and knowledge of the topics that are taught in schools.

Preventing Mandates

The Federal Government, as well as several Local Governments have attempted to inflict health care policy that includes mandated vaccines. Mark Matthiesen does not believe that ANY government has the right to mandate a vaccine in order to hold a job, go to school, or any other function of life.

Are your Taxes Skyrocketing?

Mark Matthiesen is focused on ensuring that our taxes are not increasing beyond the needs of our government.
Recently many County Assessors have seized the opportunity to take more of your money by over-assessing the value of personal property based on a temporary market shift. Other Assessors are altering property classifications to overtax your Real Property. Local taxing districts are finding new ways to spend your money as their revenue increases while still telling you that they don’t have enough money. I will work to end these abuses!

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Paid for by Matthiesen for Missouri, Mike Sommer - Treasurer